The NEW Swiss Side HADRON2


After the detailed and intensive development process through Swiss Side’s Cycle, it all comes down to real world performance.
Me and Jan van Berkel  were having fun and ripping the roads of Switzerland testing the finished product which are even better HADRON aero wheels.

The HADRON2 is now available:

FASTER: Due to less aero drag and more sailing effect.

MORE STABLE: Due to further reduced steering moment and wind sensitivity.

WIDE RIM: 20mm inner-rim width accommodating wider tyres.

NEW TECH: Used for the development including, real world wind studies with Swiss Side CdAmeter,wind-tower, and pressure measurement rakes.

ENHANCED WARRANTY: Through DT Swiss with lifetime warranty for material and workmanshipdefects, plus “Fair-Share Policy” offering 10 year cost-conscious repairs for riding damage.



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